Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Distractions of working from a home studio...

Working at home has plenty of rewards and an equal measure of challenges. Oh yes, the sunny, hot, "it's finally summer" afternoons just beckon you to close up shop and enjoy life today, in this moment. Because if you wait and just finish this very important job, there is no question that by the time you have finished, the sun will have hidden very deeply behind a big, dark cloud that will take three weeks to clear itself from the sky.  Once you have donned your summer sun goddess attire, it will be woodstove weather and sunglasses will render you lost in the darkness and stubbing your toe on a cabinet as you bolt out the door. This will inevitably lead to the early cocktail hour. Yes, just close up the shop, because one way or  another, you ARE done working for the day! 
Of course, when you work from home, all of your friends know this, and you will have said: "Give me a call, we'll go for a walk!" Well, this is, all at once very welcomed and very disruptive. How can you say no? Yes, I am flexible, but sometimes I really need to focus and just sit down and work... a lot. But I love to go for a walk, and how often are my friends available, really? Just because I wasted hours procrastinating getting to my workbench has nothing to do with the sudden availability of my friends at any given moment. Hey- they're on vacation!