Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Fever in the Studio

Yippee! Spring is here, now if the snow would melt and temperature would cooperate... But at least that means it's still cold enough to force me inside to keep creating in my studio. Fair enough!

I love experimenting. This is a good time of year to try out some new things. I am enamored with enamel lately. Finding some really cool uses for adding color to metal is exciting. Be on the lookout for some charming flowery earrings for spring and summer!

But for now, here are some newbies...

14K Gold Filled Textured earrings with Genuine Rubies

Resistance Jewelry

My new baby "Studio Mate"
He hated hammering, until he realized IF he was quiet, he would get a treat. Now he comes running and quietly waits for his treat. XO