Sunday, September 14, 2014

Crisp Fall Air and Making Jewelry

As much as I dislike seeing summer as a fading memory, the September air is refreshing and inspiring!
These are days filled with apple crisp, homemade pesto from the garden basil plants; squash and tomato galore, and a desire to hunker down in creativity in my workshop.
My plans for today? To finish working on a triple turquoise artisan necklace in sterling silver and then on to create a memory locket with some fur of my daughters "once in a lifetime" dogs fur in a domed epoxy (magnifying effect). Hogan was a yellow lab, he lived to be 13 years old, and in all of his life, he never, ever misbehaved. He was the ultimate companion. Full of love and joy for everyone he met. He was the man about town, everyone knew him and loved him. Saying goodbye to this precious boy was an experience full of sadness, but also chock full of love for all the years of devotion he gave. I hope that he is chasing soccer balls over that rainbow bridge to his hearts content and swimming in the rivers of heaven.
Now to get to work and create a work of love.