Make your own Wedding Bands Workshop

Laura Guptill Jewelry is happy to announce a new workshop for engaged couples who wish to make their own wedding bands. This workshop is intended for the sole purpose of creating simple, gold wedding bands for each other. It is a full, one day workshop, where you will learn just what you need to accomplish the creation of your rings for each other. You will learn to measure, cut, file, sand, solder, 
and polish your own rings. 

Located in the heart of the White Mountains of NH, you can plan your getaway to include this full day of goldsmithing under the guidance and expertise of an experienced jeweler. You will shape with your own hands, the rings that will unite you in marriage. 

The day will begin with some basic metalsmithing skills and knowledge you will need to undertake this project, in a simple and straight forward manner.
We will break for a light lunch complete with a bottle of wine, champagne or locally brewed beer, to celebrate your accomplishments. 

We will get back to work in the studio to file, size, shape and finish your rings in one day.

This workshop will have you making your very own Wedding Bands- something that will last far longer than your cake, flowers, a one day venue. These special rings will be on your hand every single day, and you will look at them with love and fond memories of having made them with your very own hands. A story that will last generations.

Finishes available are highly polished, various hand hammered finishes, brush finish, bead blast matte finish.

Package pricing will vary depending on the current metal market, sizes, width, and thickness of your rings. 

I look forward to working with you :)


Isabelle's Fine Jewelry said...

Nice and Beautiful Blog, Thanks for sharing this. Keep blasting!! This Wedding bands are mostly fit for all kind of Occasions.

Laura Guptill Jewelry said...

Thank you!