Sunday, August 20, 2017

Jackson, New Hampshire Art in the Park - Wonderful Weekend!

Preparing for a show takes diligence, time and yes... LOTS of preparation.
It means setting an alarm clock first of all, for very early mornings and long days of selling your work to some who may not understand the process. It also means being able to describe what you do, and why you do it... to someone who may receive it well, or perhaps someone who just doesn't get "it". That's alright.
It means sharing your vision with those who only dream of the life you lead... they may have long arduous days in the city, in an office or a cubicle. They may be a very busy mother raising her children at home, and only dream of some free time to create what their heart desires.
The one thing a show does is CONNECT you with your audience. To see the delight in someones' eyes, when the see the piece they have been searching for. For the person who comes along and just KNOWS that that piece was created just for her, because in it's design and fabrication, there is some secret to her story that resonates deeply.
These are the moments that an artist, of any medium, dream of. To have a piece that you have dreamt of, have drawn out, lingered and agonized over, instinctively introduce itself to it's new owner. There is a love story there, and it makes two hearts warm to finally meet.
Thank you to my followers, new and old.
You warm my heart.