Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Hi Laura,
What a wonderful weekend I had. Thanks for your great instruction.
You are a fantastic teacher. You made me very comfortable with all we did. We worked on ways that helped me feel good about doing the fine
work that we were trying to accomplish. Going to your workshop I had
the idea that i would be just having a fun time with my friend Karen, meet you, and try something new. Well it exceeded that. You showed me a great appreciation of jewelry making and a new way to look at
jewelry that I see.
You also inspired me to try new things!!! And
when trying new things, to adapt to how to accomplish them. The workshop also will make me a better instructor as well...
Finding out things that are hard for me helps me understand others better. Hope to
come again some day for another workshop.
Thanks a million,

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Great Workshop Weekend!

Friends Karen and Kathy came to Laura Guptill Jewelry Studio for a long weekend workshop, and boy, did we have fun! I love the spirit of these two ladies. 
The projects that we worked on gave Karen and Cathy some new skills and satisfied the desire we have to create with our hands. Beginning with raw materials, they each created a hand forged sterling silver link bracelet. Each of them chose to create a different type of clasp that had special meaning for them. The entire process was a joy to walk through with them as they discovered how good it feels to create their own hand wrought jewelry. They each made a few different projects which taught them how to cut, file, solder, hammer, finish, as well as some cold-connection techniques that can be done without a soldering station.
I know for certain that I am a lucky person to call this work.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Workshop Weekend!

I am looking forward to a fun weekend workshop coming right up!
Sign up with me to learn a new skill and make yourself a couple of cool projects to go home with and wear with pride, you MADE it!
I teach metalsmithing in my studio, usually one on one. This weekend I have two friends coming together to take the workshop- space may be a little tight, but we will have a good time and they will each learn how to cut, file, saw, sand, solder, hammer and finish their own jewelry. They will make a hand forged sterling silver link bracelet and a pair of earrings or other project based on skills they will learn in the studio.
If this sounds like fun to you and you have always wanted to learn "how to do that",  give me a call and schedule a workshop with me. 603-447-3719.
More information available about classes on the Metalsmithing Classes page.
Look forward to working with YOU!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Make Your Own Wedding Band Workshop

What a successful and fun workshop day yesterday with George.
George had some ideas for a very special and unique Wedding Band, actually he had TWO very wonderful ideas. So we made them both and now he and his love get to choose which one will be "the" one!
The creative process is indeed a beautiful miracle. For someone to be flexible enough in their ideas to know that sometimes magic happens at the bench that we cannot foresee, leaving our options open is sometimes a beautiful gift.
Best Wishes George and Lori!

Here are a few photos from a great day in the studio: