Saturday, November 19, 2016

Silversmithing Classes

Having just led two separate, individual classes with two very talented and eager to learn students this week, I am reminded why I love to teach this craft. Four days, two different women with a dream to learn an ancient craft. I get to meet some remarkable people, from all different walks of life, hear their stories and give them my own. We become friends. Easily.
In this world of confusion and turmoil, there is also beauty and refuge. To share space and stories enlarges us. It takes us beyond our daily routine and opens our eyes and our souls to others journeys.
Creating something from your own hands, your own vision and creative space- is rewarding. To set limits on yourself comes easily. To see those limiting beliefs dissolve with the acquisition of a new skill, a new opportunity for growth, is priceless.
I am thankful for my job.