Monday, August 20, 2012

Gillian and Bill- Wedding Band Workshop

Today marks the first of my Wedding Band Workshops, and what a day it was! Many thanks to Gillian and Bill, who were the first to inspire me to offer these workshops!
We began the day with the introduction to the studio, tools, equipment, and procedures... plowing ahead into some sterling prototypes, which proved immensely helpful at reducing stress.
Then came time to make THE rings! And wow, did they "get" it! Excellent students, Gillian and Bill intuitively followed instructions and knew what they were after. They were able to create these gorgeous handmade wedding bands for each other, an event they will likely never forget, and will prove to be so meaningful as they build their new lives together. I am feeling extremely privileged to have taken some part in this endeavor with them.
The day was fun, full of learning and imparting of knowledge and craft, interrupted by a lunch "on the porch", consisting of grilled panini sandwiches, pesto tortellini and specialty brewed beers from "The Good Beer Store", of Fryeburg, Maine.
Returning to the studio after a much needed break, Gillian and Bill continued work on their 14K Gold Wedding Bands, by filing, sanding, and preparing for polishing. It was a long day filled with much love and laughter.
I am honored to have been host to this special event.
Hats off to you, Gillian and Bill!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Riding the wave...

Some days seem stagnant to an artist. Some days do not, like today for instance! I woke up with so many ideas circulating around in my head, I had to jot some down before I lose them. It always takes me by pleasant surprise when I feel overwhelmed with the options for the day, as some days really don't jive with my creativity. That is when I don't force it. I find it better to let it happen when it is supposed to, rather than bull my way through a project and hit roadblocks at every turn. When the  ideas come, they come full force and that is when I ride that wave. How much fun is this! Time to get to work ;)