I first hammered out a copper bracelet (from copper pipe) in Dad's garage as a child. The feeling of taking something so raw and transforming it into a wearable piece of jewelry really sparked something within me. The possibilities just opened up.

At sixteen I was drawn to the silver bangles and sterling silver filigree earrings that were the rage in the 70's . I spent my last semester in high school as a jewelers apprentice.

The "smell" of the torches and hot metal, the silver and the whole experience of choosing the material to shaping, texturizing, soldering, sanding, buffing, tooling designs into the surface and ultimately wearing a handmade piece of jewelry, this has shaped who I am and what I love.

After working in a small studio at home while the kids were little, creating just enough to attend small, local craft fairs and spending 10 years working a "regular" job, the opportunity arose for me to go to work in a jewelry store. It was such a wonderful chance to get back into the craft, which has given me so much pleasure and satisfaction. It is a great thing to call your work "play".

Now I am realizing the dream of working for myself. I love to make custom jewelry with a client, listening to their ideas and incorporating them in to something unique and wonderful, just for them. The craft is limited only by your imagination.

I have completed the Jewelry Manufacturing Basic Repair and Setting course by the Gemological Institute of America, worked alongside many talented jewelers and participated in many workshops to increase knowledge and creativity. Also I am an avid reader of books of the trade.