Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tanzania, of all places ;)

Today I begin making Wedding Bands for my customers in... Tanzania! No kidding. It blows my mind where some of my jewelry has traveled to. They had purchased a ring here, several years ago,  in North Conway that I had in a gallery, and fell in love with my jewelry. Once again, I am honored to be a part of this couples journey. Many thanks from a grateful heart.


kelsey heeringa said...

Heck yeah, Tanzania! Let your beautiful jewelry reach far and wide. A woman in Thailand saw my other ring you made, and told me it spoke to her soul. We'll see to how many continents we can carry your work. We are so honored to have your beautiful art as a part of our lives. Wherever that leads us.

Asante sana,
your Tanzania fan club

Jan Graham said...

You deserve to have the beauty of your artistry all over the world!!!