Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2017! Welcoming in the New Year with a few new beauties~

These new beauties are not available on my Etsy site yet, please contact me if you are interested ... 
 Maine Tourmaline, Sterling Silver, set in 14K Yellow Gold Bezel- size 5 3/4, $390
 Enamel on Copper Artisan Earrings,  Handmade Sterling ear wires, made to order, allow subtle artistic differences, $65
 The Birches, Sterling Silver, forged, $ 50
 Customer Diamonds, reset in 14K White Gold, not for sale- but contact me to have YOUR stones reset, or to purchase new sparkly diamonds.
 Enamel on Copper with Freshwater Pearl Dangles, Handmade Sterling Ear Wires, $50
 Hand dyed Luxurious Silk Ribbon Bracelet, your word or mine, multi- pearl and gem dangles on each side of stamping, Handstamped on Aluminum, $35
 Hand Forged Artisan Copper Cuff Bracelets, $35-$45
Sterling Silver Hand Pierced and Hand Engraved Feather Cuff Bracelet, Made to Order, allow for subtle artistic differences, $185


Brandi Bradley said...

Wow, your jewelry is so pretty. I want sterling silver earrings. Every girl has to have a pair. When I get engaged I want a unique ring. Something classy with my birthstone, Peridot. I don't like the over-the-top jewelry, I want it to be elegant. Anyways, you are a very talented artist and everyone should see your works of art, good luck!

Brandi Bradley @ Rotax Metals

Lindsey said...

Very nice work! I especially like the "birches". I guess I am partial to earrings though. My husband started buying me a pair every time we travelled and now I am an earring hoarder. I also like the fact that your pieces look more organic, less cookie cutter perfect. I will be checking out your etsy store.

Lindsey @ Nosto