Friday, April 13, 2018

What makes my job special? This... right here.

This is a testimonial, from one of my former students. She has taken her desire to make jewelry seriously, and put in the time and effort to advance her craft.
What I love about teaching is the enthusiasm, and the absolute excitement and pride that accompanies   and infuses my students when they follow their heart.

Thank you, Haley.

"I never really knew what I wanted to become after high school, what direction I thought would be right for me. 
I have always had a love of creating. I found a greater love for working with metal after making a ring in my high school shop class. I talked about it non stop to my mother about how much I enjoyed it and She decided to surprise me with a set of classes through Laura.
Laura Guptill is so much more than her title in our valley as a talented silversmith. 
She is a wonderfully unique and creative woman. Taking those classes was one of the best experiences I could have dreamed of. I found my passion and after that first class with her, I knew that being a silversmith was the path for me. Laura is an impeccable teacher, I was nervous because I imagined meeting someone who would just brush over the concept of what they do, but Laura went above and beyond. Not only did she explain everything in amazing detail, she made sure I knew how to do it properly and why I needed to take those steps to get a beautiful piece of finished work. Her kind and bubbly nature made it very easy to feel at home and relaxed with her. If you decide you want to take a class to learn about making jewelry,  or have a custom piece made, She should be the woman you visit. You will not be disappointed, I promise. 
I feel through the entire process I was able to embrace where I was at in my journey with the help of her encouragement, advice and her positive energy. That was the key, you walk through the door and are surrounded by positivity and someone with a love of teaching. Someone who truly loves her job and wants to share that with others. If I get stuck on a project, I know I can contact Laura and ask for her option on how to go about solving the issue I’m having. I have on a few occasions, she answered in depth and was more than happy to help me figure out the issue and problem solve with me. Laura gives her all and you can see it in her creations, the love and time she puts into every piece. She is definitely someone I look up to and hope to be as talented as she is some day.
Laura is someone I feel blessed to have met and someone I am proud to consider a friend. The experience  was truly something special and one of kind. "

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