Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I was asked if I could make a Wren Pin for the "Womens' Rural Entreprenurial Network", (WREN) in Bethlehem, NH. They have a Gallery on main street, named "LocalWorks". 
Their website is

As you can see by the following slideshow, it began as a few sketches. Through the process of "Chase and Repousse" the metal is moved little by little , with the help of a chasing hammer and small steel chasing tools. It is a long process involving softening the metal periodically, because as the metal is worked, it hardens. This process is called annealing. The metal is worked from the back to give it depth, and then removed from the pitch, annealed, and placed in the pitch again to work it from the front. This goes on and on until the desired look is achieved. The pitch is a forgiving surface, which holds the silver in place while it is being worked, but has enough give to allow the metal to stretch and take dimension.
I hope you enjoy viewing this ancient process.

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