Monday, January 26, 2009

Dutch Shoes and Silver Baubles

Happy Monday! 
It's a beautiful sunny day in New Hampshire- okay, it's 12 degrees, but the sun is shining gloriously and there is no wind. Just came back in from snowshoeing, it was wonderful- a nice aerobic break from sitting in my studio. 
But back to work now- working on a "SPECIAL" project for my daughter- a present for her earning her Masters Degree! Yay, Allison!  This is a special request from her and it involves a lot of silver and copper links, some handcrafted beads, textured silver, copper baubles, and... a pair of Dutch Shoes! These are "magical" dutch shoes, mind you. She is a teacher, and one of her very favorite memories is her first grade teacher who had a pair of these magical dutch shoes... dancing shoes. So, to be a proper teacher, she must have these shoes. She WILL have them! 
I'll keep you posted on the progress, as it occurs.

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